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 Introduction to Exhibition

       "BIC Asia International Building Industrialization Exhibition" Founded in Shanghai by the Centennial International Exhibition Group VNU China Joint Venture in 2013,It is the most influential and professional in China, and the earliest engaged in the construction of the construction industry.The exhibition has become an Asian architectural flagship exhibition, relying on international background and professional operation.The exhibition will form an interactive pattern of Guangzhou-Shanghai-Chengdu from 2018,And gradually expand and layout to the major industrialized cities in the country, which is an annual event that industry people should not miss.

       BIC2019 · Asia International Building Industrialization (Guangzhou) Exhibition,Relying on Guangdong as a major province of building materials and home furnishing, a large province of construction industry, and a large number of real estate development enterprises, it combines local strength and integrates international resources and BIC elements. It is the only exhibition platform in Guangdong's building industrialization field that truly realizes the interaction of the whole industry chain.







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