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The industrialization of construction has brought about profound changes in the construction mode and production mode of housing tradition. The factors affecting the implementation of industrialization of buildings include technical level, production technology, management level, production capacity, transportation conditions and construction period.

In the construction process of prefabricated buildings, units such as construction, design, production and construction need to be carefully coordinated and work together. Compared with the construction process using cast-in-situ construction, the design work of prefabricated buildings presents five aspects:

Process refinement

The construction process of prefabricated buildings is more comprehensive, more comprehensive and more elaborate. On the basis of the traditional design process, two design stages of pre-technical planning and prefabricated component drawing design are added.。

Design modularization

Modularization is the foundation of building industrialization. Through the control of building modulus, the unity of architecture, components and parts can be realized, from modularization to modular combination, and then the prefabricated building is moving towards standardized design.

Cooperate with

In the prefabricated building design stage, it should cooperate fully with various professional and component manufacturers to achieve the integrated cooperation of the main structure, prefabricated components, equipment pipelines, decoration parts and construction organizations, and optimize the design results.

Cost accuracy

The design results of prefabricated buildings are directly used as the basis for the production and processing of the components. Under the same assembly rate conditions, the different splitting schemes of the prefabricated components will also bring great changes to the investment, so the rationality of the design directly affects The cost of the project.

Technical informationization

BIM is a technology and method that uses digital technology to express the geometric, physical and functional information of a building project to support the decision-making, management, construction and operation of the project throughout its life. The building design can use BIM technology to improve the design completion and accuracy of the prefabricated components.

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Component deepening design

AEC software

Data processing system

Initial design and construction drawing design

Design software

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Huadong Construction Group Co., Ltd. is an integrated service provider that provides high-quality integrated solutions for urban construction with engineering design consultation as the core. It has been listed as a global engineering design company by the US Engineering News Record (ENR) for more than ten years. Top 150 companies.


Shanghai Zhongsen is mainly engaged in residential, commercial, public buildings and other types of civil architectural design, including urban planning, architectural design, interior design and landscape design, and in assembly engineering EPC, interior design and construction integration, community sponges, etc. The field is competitive.


Tianhua Group focuses on professional services in the field of urban construction. Its business scope covers design, energy and environmental protection, consulting and operation. It is a diversified industrial group with three business segments of “creative, technology and management”.




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