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Architecture Structure Exhibition Area

The ultimate goal of the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry is industrialization of buildings. The final product is housing construction. In recent years, China’s building structure system has seen a grand occasion of “a hundred schools of thought contend and blossoming”, especially in technology, production and business models. And practice;

Whether it is concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure or modular assembly structure, it has its own characteristics and applicable conditions, such as applying different assembly structure system to different projects with its suitable technology. It will exert its greatest economic and social benefits, and it is also an effective way to promote technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading in the entire housing and urban and rural construction.

The BIC prefabricated building structure exhibition area is centered on the release of innovative fabricated building structure systems and research and development results.

 Exhibition criteria


Prefabricated concrete structure

Prefabricated component Pile Stacked wall Aerated concrete slab

Solid wall Sandwich wall Folded floor stairs

Column Beam Balcony

Assembled steel structure

Steel structure Inner and outer wall panels Floor Roof panel

Modular building

Wood structure


Some exhibitors



UBI Group established a modular construction factory with an area of 40,000 square meters in June 2014 in Shanghai Pudong New Area – Ubisoft (Shanghai) Construction Technology Co., Ltd. The factory has 4 production lines with an annual production scale of 100,000 square meters.


Shanghai Gangzhijie has the first-class qualification for steel structure engineering and the second-class qualification for light steel structure engineering design. It is one of the largest manufacturers of steel building envelope systems and thin-walled light steel building systems in China.


CIMC and the famous British architectural design company and century-old construction company jointly develop a permanent high-rise modular building system - a steel with a steel structure as the main body, combined with insulation, water and electricity, fire protection, sound insulation, energy saving and internal decoration. Structure integrated module building.




Founded in 1974, Baoye Group Co., Ltd. became the first comprehensive private-owned construction enterprise listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 30, 2003. It has a national construction engineering technology research center for construction engineering and housing industrialization research. hospital.


Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of China Metallurgical Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. It owns the special contracting of building construction engineering and the general contracting of smelting engineering, as well as a large number of state-owned enterprises with general contracting and professional contracting.


Zhejiang Luzhu Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changjiang Jinggong Steel Structure (Group) Co., Ltd., as a strategic business segment of the Yangtze River Seiko Steel Structure to upgrade from “construction steel structure to steel structure construction” Integrated building design and development, processing and manufacturing, engineering general contracting business.

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