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Construction Parts & PC Production Equipment Exhibition Area

The most important feature of industrialization of construction is the industrialization of production methods. The combination of automation and informatization changes the production mode of traditional construction industry. It is the product of the combination of modern science and technology and modern management of enterprises. Compared with traditional construction industry production methods, industrial production has obvious advantages in design, construction, decoration, acceptance, project management and other aspects. At present, there are many structural systems applied in various parts of China, mainly including prefabricated laminated shear wall structure, internal pouring external structure, assembled integral shear wall structure, and prefabricated frame structure. The production lines of wall panels and floor slabs corresponding to different structural systems are also different.

On March 23, 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly stated that by 2020, more than 50 prefabricated building demonstration cities, more than 200 prefabricated building industrial bases, more than 500 prefabricated building demonstration projects, and 30 construction projects will be built. The above-mentioned prefabricated building technology innovation base will give full play to the demonstration leading and leading actions. It can be seen that the future fabricated building market hides the huge purchasing demand for building parts and components production equipment.

BIC Building Parts and Components Production Equipment Exhibition Area, with prefabricated component production equipment and prefabricated finished products as the main display contents, 32.4% of the 405 visitors surveyed on the exhibition site were interested in parts and components production equipment. The demand for component production equipment is as high as 20%. 


 Exhibition criteria


Prefabricated component production flow system and equipment

Production process control system Concrete distribution shuttle Cloth machine
Rebar laying robot Vibration technology Color batching system
Additive metering system Mold cleaning machine Fuel injection machine
Sideform robot Drawing robot Ferry system
Palletizer Tipper Side stand
Water metering and humidity measuring device Maintenance system Concrete mixer
Molding mold Automatic CNC bending machine Reinforced truss welding production line
Automatic steel mesh welding production line Automatic steel straightening and cutting machine CNC steel bending center

Connecting parts, embedded parts and accessories

Embedded parts Bolted fastener
Anchor Balcony connector Sandwich insulation wall panel connector
Mold system Sealant


Some exhibitors




Shanghai Liangpu Residential Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research, development, production and sales of new building materials and green energy-saving building materials for many years. The aerated block products produced by its sister company Shanghai Liangpu New Wall Materials Co., Ltd. have been maintained for many years. Industry leading position.

芬兰Elematic 公司

As the world's leading supplier of precast concrete technology and equipment, Finnish Elematic has been providing complete prefabricated building solutions from a single production facility to a complete production line to concrete precast component manufacturers around the world.


Hebei Xindadi Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of prefabricated concrete component production equipment. It is an ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification enterprise, the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund project support enterprise, the National Development and Reform Commission key industry support project enterprise, the national residential industrialization base.




SOMMER Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. can fully meet the concept, design and execution of efficient production plants in the concrete prefabricated component industry, providing customers with complete solutions, from pre-consultation to production plants – especially for laminated panels and various wall panels. Factory - commissioning.


Guangzhou Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. Jitai Chemical is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, which mainly produces sealants and coatings. Its products are widely used in construction engineering, home decoration, container manufacturing, steel structure manufacturing. And other fields.

3_2.jpg  德国艾巴维公司(EBAWE)

EBAWE is a manufacturer of integrated prefabricated components in the concrete prefabricated component industry.

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