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Prefabricated Decoration Exhibition Area

Green, low-carbon, ecological, and intelligent, the development of industrialization of buildings is inseparable from the innovation of internal industrialization.


What is the internal industrialization model?

What is the core of internal industrialization?

How does internal industrialization interact with upstream and downstream buildings such as buildings and parts?

This series of problems has gradually attracted the attention of the industry. In contrast to fabricated buildings, interior industrialization pays more attention to design, cost and efficiency, and pays more attention to the integration and connection of industrial production, assembly construction and information management, thus maximizing individuality in different architectural applications. Integration of demand.

Undoubtedly, the industrialization of interiors will become another enthusiasm for the entire real estate, construction and decoration industry, and China is about to usher in a real industrial revolution!

 Exhibition criteria


Integrated wall

Integrated bathroom

Integrated floor heating

Whole house customization

Lightweight partition

Integrated kitchen

Integrated ceiling

Storage system


Some exhibitors



Shanghai Style House is a self-contained interior assembly and assembly service provider with CARR® Carre Assembly Assembly System and MEGA® Series Assembly Package to provide assembly, product and information in-house solutions.


Beijing Heneng Renju Technology is the standard setter and leader of assembly decoration. It has 10 invention patents and 8 utility model patents. It has created the “St. Mark” whole house integrated parts system for 30,690 residential buildings.


The installation is dedicated to the design and development of assembly-style decoration hardware and software, and has now achieved the overall integration of the product's full space integration. At the same time, IoT technology is used to comprehensively and effectively control product standardization design, factory production, assembly construction and information management.




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