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Building exterior protection includes exterior walls, roofs, doors and windows, etc., to ensure a good indoor environment, but also to meet the various requirements of insulation, heat insulation, lighting, ventilation and so on. Usually these parts are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, and they are directly exposed to the atmospheric environment. Compared with other building components, they are more likely to age and damage, thus affecting the function of the entire building. In the structural system of the prefabricated building, the building exterior protection system undertakes multiple functions, not only reflects the important elements of architectural style and architectural beauty, but also plays a certain protective role on the wall surface, combined with different fabricated building structures. The system continuously improves and innovates through the selection of peripheral protective materials and linking methods to enhance the overall safety and comfort of the building.

 Exhibition criteria


Insulation decoration integration

Energy-saving doors and windows

Roofing system

Glass curtain wall

Architectural Coatings


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Asahi Glass Group was established in 1907 and its business covers Europe, America and Asia. It is well-known in the fields of architectural glass, etc. The main products are: float glass, low-emissivity glass, safety glass, heat-insulating insulating glass and decorative glass.

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