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Construction Machinery

With the advent of the era of industrialization of construction, China's construction machinery industry has ushered in a new high-speed growth in 2017. In terms of technology, engineering machinery is undergoing the transformation and promotion of prefabricated buildings, in the intelligent, industrial Internet, new materials, new Accelerate research and development in the application of technology and new construction methods, and continuously meet the needs of more individualized and multi-level assembly-type construction projects and services of construction general contractors. It is estimated that by 2020, China's construction machinery will become the world's largest construction machinery industry market. .

This exhibition area will focus on the application hotspots, innovative technologies and advanced technologies of the current construction machinery in the construction site of the assembly building. Through in-depth communication and communication with the general contractor, the company will continue to introduce applicable products that meet the development of the domestic construction industry. The development of China's building industrialization has grown together and grew together.

 Exhibition criteria


Engineering vehicle

Lifting and transport equipment

Processing and treatment of concrete and mortar at the construction site

Earthmoving machinery

Construction equipment, tools and special systems

Site facility


Some exhibitors



Doosan Bobcat Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in the SSL (slide loader) and Portable Power (mobile power) businesses. The business scope includes research and development, production of excavators, skid steer loaders and other construction machinery, air compressors, generators and so on.

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